“Safety is not a tool; it is a philosophy.”

The primary objective of MFSI is to provide our employees and customers with a high quality of service they have come to expect and in a manner that complies with or exceeds industry standards for safety and health compliance and with respect to the environment. We pledge to conduct all operations in an environmentally sound manner and strive to prevent all accidents and environmental incidents. Our stated goal is ZERO workplace injuries, incidents, or illnesses.

Employee safety and health considerations are built into every project MFSI undertakes. Management performs hazard assessments of not just the critical phases of the work, but also evaluates the routine work tasks for potential hazards. These findings are incorporated into the overall project plan with very satisfying results.

In summary, MFSI’s commitment to safety is a total effort by management, supervision, employees, and customer support that includes training, attitude, awareness, and compliance. The success of our Safety performance is given the highest priority and we are continuously investigating innovative methods to improve on our program. We encourage customer involvement and participation in all aspects of safety program and appreciate your valuable feedback.

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